Colombia, Nariño

JEREMIAS LASSO #3 (GEISHA) colombia, nariño


very clean tasting notes with a distinct bergamot aftertaste

kaffir lime, kumquat, wildflower honey


So the story goes, many moons ago in Nairobi, while on a harvest trip up to the Central Highlands in December of 2008 the young man purchased 10 kgs of Kenyan coffee seed, SL28, to gift to coffee producers across Latin America. He then took the SL28 to Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras and Panama. If any variety was in the quality discussion with SL28 it had to be Geisha, right? He then traded Daniel Peterson of Hacienda La Esmeralda fame 2kg of SL28 for 1kg of Geisha. This was February 2009.

In June 2009 he carried that kilo down to Colombia and gave it to Jeremias Lasso in Cartago, Narino. Four years later they produced their first fruit.

2017 marks the initial fruitful Geisha harvest for Jeremias and his family and we’re fortunate to share this story and this coffee with you. This coffee comes from the most vaunted Geisha seedstock in the industry. And it tastes like it. Tropical lime, distinct meyer lemon, and fragrant honeysuckle, bergamot. The flavors ring clear as a bell.



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Weight 8 oz
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Colombia, Nariño


1875 masl





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