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The Story

There is a wonderful short story written by Raymond Carver, the Cathedral. (spoiler alert) The story concludes with this beautiful scene of two strangers, one sighted the other blind, hand in hand, drawing the image of a cathedral together. We believe that making and sharing tempers your shove into the daily hubbub. We are not anti-ludites. We just dig people and the things we make.

Founder, Brandon Tully, stacked up 20 years experience in the coffee industry, from sweeping beans, to packaging coffee, to roasting, to barista, to sales support, marketing, to owning one gem of a shop in the greatest city in the world (Underline Coffee, NYC).

Duke Ellington wrote “Apes and Peacocks” as a final episode in a larger work of music entitled, “The Queens Suite.” The suite was gifted to Queen Elizabeth II, and only released after Ellington passed. Ellington drew the title from a biblical reference to the exotic tributes regularly presented to King Solomon.

We began our story in New York’s Chelsea neighborhood with our small shop, Underline Coffee, in the shadow of The High Line Park. We find and roast coffees that celebrate the exotic and the proud, and present these Apes & Peacocks as a tribute to you.

All right now, bottoms up.